DSC_0123 What Our Kids Are Saying…

“I think I read better now! Thank you!” -


“…by reading with people and not be scared.” - Aslin M.


“…because now I’m not afraid to (read) and now I am a better reader.” - Sofia


“…by helping me realize how fun reading is!” - Joseph M


“…it helps me read better out loud.”


“…be a better reader because practicing reading makes you a better reader.”   - Natalee K.


“…show us to like reading because it gives us more knowledge.”


“…because you can read books and ask questions.” – Randy L.


“…it can make me successful in what I am trying to learn and it will help me understand the book.”


“…it can help kids boost their imagination.”


“…it can help me use strategies to learn words.”


“…helped me not to be afraid to read aloud.” – Josue L.


“…people read with people to be more fluent.”


“…by helping us get interested in reading. I learned you can enjoy any book if you give it a chance.”


“…it helps my fear of reading.”


“…they influence you to get motivated and you want to read more.”


“…to have confidence in out loud reading.”


“…understand how fun reading is.” – Emma C.


“I learned how important reading is to our lives.”

“I like it here because you get to read and take home books that you never had.” – Angel, 8


“Something I learned is how to read comfortably.”


DSC_0123 What Teachers Are Saying…

“Thank you so much! The kids love it here. It’s so colorful & cozy the kids can’t help but be excited and want to read.” – Michelle Eilets, Teacher class 214 PS 23 (Bronx)

 “Many students learned about the different genres of books and how to read with a partner independently. Most importantly they learned to enjoy reading. Overall the students all improved with their reading.”  - Lead Teacher (Pre-K), Garment Industry Daycare Center (LES, NYC)

“I wanted to thank you and your volunteers for the beautiful time that we spent at your site. My class and I really enjoyed the read aloud as well as the group readings. Having met a real author was a wonderful experience for the children. The children were excited to present their PJ’s to their parents upon their arrival that day. We are very grateful for the loving treatment you offered our children,  it was evident that they felt very comfortable during the visit.” – Nancy Vega, Teacher class 106 PS 155 (Bronx)

“Liz did a fantastic job organizing with the Long Island Chapter to provide volunteers and warm pajamas for every child. I cannot express how wonderful this program is, with such wonderful people providing this for the neediest children. I would highly recommend this program to other providers.” – Jamie Nolan, Pre-Kindergarten Supervisor


DSC_0123 That is a profound evolution that, generally takes years.

OpenYourHeartgirlDear Ms. Piturro,

I would like to share with you my experience with the pajama program. It has been a distinct pleasure and asset to our program to have Ms. Reavey and her volunteers. Her monthly visits are looked forward to with great anticipation by staff and students alike. It’s not just a change of routine, it’s a bond that has grown between my students and Ms. Reavey. She has exposed them to multiple genres of literature there by expanding their repertoire and selections.

Over the past year students have not only increased greatly in the amount they read, their reasons for reading have changed from -for information- to- for leisure-. That is a profound evolution that, generally takes years. I believe this development in literary maturity has occurred so rapidly due to Ms. Reavey’s genuine magnetic character, and kind spirit which is only surpassed by her dedication and undeniable passion for the work she does.

Thank you very much for the Books and pajamas but most of all thank you for the privilege of meeting and working in cooperation with your amazing team.

P.S before I let you go I want to share a very special story.

Last year the first time the pajama program came to read. My group of 1st graders had just received their books and the volunteers were packing up to depart. When a 1st grader ran up to the volunteer and said here (handing back the book they selected) the volunteer said no you can keep it. He then looked at the book, then looked at the volunteer misty eyed and said “ I can keep it, It’s mine? Thank you so much, this is my first book that is all mine. I can’t wait to show my mom”.

I can imagine at the program’s inception this was the one of your goals

Thank You,

Joanna Jimenez

Coordinator, Advantage after-school program

CLUSTER Community services of Westchester County, NY