Maryland Chapter

Chapter President, Penny Larson- 
Hi Everyone, my name is Penny Larson.  I live in Frederick County, Maryland and have been a teacher for nearly twenty years.  During the years I spent teaching in inner city schools I saw the heartbreaking effects of poverty first hand.  We can all imagine how much foster children and the homeless need some warm pajamas, in addition, many of the children I taught had parents who worked long hours at jobs that paid little.  These children were hard working in school, though often hungry, and they wore clothes that were ragged or not warm enough.  New pajamas and books were luxury items that just weren’t available to them.   The Pajama Program provides the comfort of pajamas to sleep in and the joy of a book that is their own.  It also gives a child the message that people in their community care about them.  I am grateful for every donation that comes in because I can visualize the happiness on the children’s faces when they are handed the new pajamas, and the comfort they feel while wearing them.  Thank you to all who participate in this wonderful outreach to children.

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