Reading Centers

Pajama Program currently has 3 reading centers. One in New York City, One in Westchester County, NY and one in Middletown, NJ.

Literacy Programs at NYC Reading Center

114 E. 39th St., New York, NY 10016:

Thousands of children visit our Pajama Program Reading Center every year. We read with and to the children individually and also in groups of 2-5 children. Each group has different needs and so does each individual child. We determine each child’s needs and place him with an appropriate group. The reading sessions last 45 minutes each. This is followed by snacks, and then the distribution of a pair of new pajamas packaged ahead of time and a book of their choice, for each child.  The children are then told they can go to the bookshelves and choose their own book that they’d like to take with them. “Thank you for all the warmth your program has shown to Hour Children, it’s always a major discussion on our travels back, where you hear the children talking about the great time they had, some will be reading their books, while others would be comparing characters on their pajamas, it always refreshing to see the light in their eyes whenever I announce Pajama Program time.” Lisa Belfast, HOUR Children, Long Island City, N.Y.

For more information about our Reading Center or to dfind out how you, your company, organization or business can get involved Contact our Reading Center Coordinator Daisy:

 Westchester County, NY

In our efforts to provide a nurturing atmosphere for children in need in Westchester County, Pajama Program opened Pajama Program Reading Center in Yonkers in July, 2004.  Our Reading Center provides youngsters with age-appropriate books and other reading material in a child-friendly setting. The Andrus Children’s Center generously donates the space for the Pajama Program’s Reading Center. Groups of children visit from Westchester-area organizations that work with or provide services to under-served youngsters. While at Pajama Program Reading Center, youngsters read – and are read to — and get to select books to keep. For more information contact Reading Center Coordinator Suzie Reavey  –

We also encourage Westchester individuals, businesses, schools, churches, synagogs, and other organizations to organize pajama and book drives. This is a great way for everyone to be ale to help a local child in need. For more information on PJ and Book Drives contact Stephanie Bisaccia westchester coordinator –

Pajama Program Distribution Center in Ardsley

Reading with children

Individual reading time

Trips to the bookstore

 Middletown, NJ
The NJ Chapter’s Reading Center is located in Poricy Park, Middletown, NJ.  The room was donated to us by the park’s board of directors in 2006, two years after the the chapter was started in Chapter President Geri Schleich’s home.  With the help of Lowe’s Home Center and exceptional volunteers a beautiful child friendly room was created that thrills children who live in gray surroundings. Our room is used to ship thousands of pairs of new pajamas and new books annually as well as to provide a place for children in need to gather to hear a story and go home with a new pair of pajamas.  The surrounding beauty of Poricy Park serves as a lovely setting for our guests to eat their lunch and sometimes take advantage of a nature program given by a park counselor. Contact: 


Child with a new book

Sorting Pajamas

Chapter President Geri with the children

Children choosing their very own book

Our wonderful volunteers!

He loves his new pajamas and book!