“Better Bedtimes, Brighter Tomorrows”

Pajama Program’s 2012 “Better Bedtimes, Brighter Tomorrows” campaign hopes to provide 500,000 new pajamas & books combined to children in need this year.

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Our Campaign
Why Pajamas and Books?
About Bedtime Reading

Three ways you can help:
Be a Better Bedtimes Sponsor
Sponsor Children in your State
Donate Online[/wpcol_2third_end]A staggering 1.5 million children are now living in homeless shelters and temporary housing. The New York Times reported on September 8, 2011 that a fifth of the nation’s children are living in poverty.  In today’s devastating economy, as families suffer under the weight of joblessness, low wages and the housing crisis, it is the youngest members of American society who are most affected.