Chapter President

Utah Chapter

Chapter President, Kate Cohen

Hi! My name is Kate Cohen and I am the Chapter President for Utah. I am originally from Rhode Island and moved to Utah in the early 90s. I have been married for 10 years and have a 7 1/2 year old daughter. Before having my daughter, I worked as a School Psychologist in an inner city for more than a decade. I primarily worked with children with developmental delays and children with autism. This was a very rewarding career and I always felt that there was so much more that was needed by these children beyond the school walls.

I am the daughter of Kennedy-era Peace Corps parents who instilled in me the drive to always give of yourself to those in need. I have been wanting to get involved in a charity that focuses on children for some time now, so when I caught one of Genevieve’s interviews, I felt a ‘tug’ on my heart and knew this was my new path. There wasn’t a chapter in Utah to volunteer with, so I decided to start one.

Since my daughter was a baby, a cherished family tradition for us is reading bedtimes stories. It has been a way to come back together as a family at the end of each busy day. To think that pajamas and a bedtime story are a luxury for many children is heartbreaking. I want to do my part in giving all children a ‘good night’.

If you are looking to make a financial donation, please designate the funds to our Chapter. We also love to help run pajama and book drives!

Thank you for your generosity of heart in helping our children in need.

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