The 2023 Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive has ended


Dear Educators,

We hope you had a great holiday break and have started the New Year off well! Thank you again for participating in the 14th Annual Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive. If you haven’t done so already, we would like to remind you to report your distribution of pajamas as soon as possible to ensure Scholastic can match your donation with a new book.

The drive officially ended on December 15 and teachers may use the unique reporting link in the initial Scholastic registration email that you received to report your distribution. In case you are unable to locate it or would appreciate a resend, feel free to contact Danny Merz at Any questions about the process can also be directed to Danny. 

Pajamas and books aren’t just presents; they play a crucial role as tools, helping children establish a comforting bedtime routine and ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. The comfort, warmth, and security they provide are essential year-round, transcending the holiday spirit. Your donation carries significant meaning and will positively impact children facing challenges in your community. Rest assured, your generosity is making a real difference.

We appreciate the dedication and all the hard work you and your students have poured into this nationwide drive.

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“We loved that it was a very relatable way for students to help people in their local community.”

Teacher’s response from Scholastic Drive survey

Qs? See our Frequently Asked Questions page

***Please note: Since we typically work with 1,000 or more classrooms around the nation during this drive, our responses may be delayed. We deeply appreciate your patience as our staff works to get back to you as soon as possible.