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Pajama Program Center | Atlanta offers a variety of programming for children, preschool through high school, that provide a foundation for a Good Night. Pajama Program Centers are led by dedicated staff who are specialists in education and child development. Each program is also run with the help of caring volunteers from the community. Children and young adults attending programming at Pajama Program Centers connect with our staff and volunteers over a book and conversation. At the conclusion of the session, they choose their own book to keep from our library and receive the gift of a new pair of pajamas.

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Pajama Program provides transportation to and from Centers to eliminate financial barriers to participation for our Community Partners.

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Pajama Program Storytime

Pajama Program Storytime is for children ages 4-18 from schools, shelters, and other Community Partners that work with children facing residential, income, or familial instability. During the hour-long Storytime, children gather in circle time to introduce themselves, are paired with a volunteer who shares a story with them, enjoy a healthy snack, and then select a book. Book in hand, they rejoin the circle where each is invited to come forward to receive pajamas as they are surrounded by warm applause. Pajama Program Storytime is a one-time event, although some children visit more than once if their school or organization returns the following year.

Pajama Program Storytime provides a time for children and volunteers to share a story. Through that connection, we seek to nurture, inspire, and provide children with a sense of safety and stability. Pajamas and books serve as critical bedtime tools to make good nights for good days.



Buddies is designed for elementary school children (3rd to 5th graders). In this program, students visit every two weeks over the course of a school year. Each child is matched with the same volunteer each time who meets with them to share books and stories, creating an enduring bond. Internal surveys show children look forward to the visits and experience feelings of safety and security.  

The continuity of Buddies offers a child the opportunity to not only improve their reading skills and open up their imagination, but also to deepen the bonds and their sense of trust with one person. Additionally, discussing stories with volunteers opens children’s eyes to new perspectives and ideas that they may apply in their own lives.


TEAM (Teens Empowering and Mentoring)

Local high school students come to the New York City and Atlanta Pajama Program Centers once a week to meet with elementary school students. Along with other adults, the teens serve as the volunteers for that day’s Pajama Program Storytime. By pairing a teen with a younger student, adolescents can build self-esteem and confidence through increased interaction with the community and relationships with younger students.