“Bedtime Has Taken on New Meaning”

Pajama Program’s Executive Director, Jamie Dyce, reflects on her first year of motherhood as her daughter turns 1


DECEMBER 28, 2021

Bedtime has taken on new meaning for our family since Adriana was born one year ago.

As Adriana’s mom, I want to see her smiling and hear her laughing more than anything. But when she’s exhausted, it’s harder for all of us, especially Adry. The nights that we stick to a routine lead to Adriana’s best days. Story time, a bath, a lullaby and some snuggling once she’s cozy in her pajamas—every night by 7 pm—is the best way for us to ensure a happy baby in the morning. As I give my daughter a kiss goodnight, my heart feels like it could burst. That’s how I know the 24-hour day really does begin at bedtime. I can quite literally feel it.

For children experiencing challenges beyond their control, that’s where Pajama Program comes in. While we can’t solve all the challenges, we can do our part to support families and children. A good night’s rest is a basic need; it’s as necessary to a child’s well-being as a healthy meal and exercise.

The bonus about bedtime? It takes two people, child and caregiver, creating a priceless opportunity for child (and adult!) to experience comfort and bonding. At Pajama Program, we focus our work on providing children and caregivers with the support and resources they need for a comforting bedtime routine, fostering those connections. By supporting our mission, together, we can bring good nights for good days to all children, helping them build their resiliency and ultimately thrive.

Jamie Dyce is Pajama Program’s Executive Director and a new mother.

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