Fall and winter can be beautiful times of the year, but for the children we serve it comes with dread. With shelter uncertain, their anxiety builds as the temperatures drop. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring makes it impossible to feel comfortable at bedtime, or to have a restful night of sleep.

Every October 1 marks the start of our Danger Season, a time of year when temperatures begin to drop and the children we serve are even more vulnerable than usual. Many have been abused or abandoned and taken away from their homes and schools, so as winter approaches their shelter is temporary or unstable. Often, these children have never received an unconditional gift, much less something to call their very own.

In addition to the magical changes they make in a child’s bedtime, our pajamas and books help them feel validated and valued, building trust and creating a connection. We need your help this Danger Season to give our children a comforting, nurturing bedtime. With the gift of a new pair of pajamas and a new book, their bedtimes can lead to good nights of restful sleep, delivering good days of energy and positivity, and better lives.

Pajama Program Danger Season

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