20th Anniversary Benefit Gala

Thursday, May 6, 2021 | 7:00-8:00PM
Mini-Gala for Kids with special guests from 6:30-7:00PM for VIP ticket holders and sponsors

Meet Our 20th Anniversary Honorees

Genevieve Piturro
Pajama Program Founder, Author of Purpose, Passion, and Pajamas

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Carla Hall
Pajama Program Board of Directors, Chef & Cookbook Author

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One Million Good Nights Committee

Jennifer Granger, Gala Chair
Brian Bates, Committee Member
IIDA NYC | Geiger
Rolene Materetsky, Committee Member
Materetsky Financial Group
Karin Pavese, Committee Member
Tish Rabe, Committee Member
Tish Rabe Books
Margo Silver, Committee Member
Nick Berger, Board Member
Melissa Bortnick, Board Member
Aaron Boyajian, Board Member
Jill Braunstein, Board Member
Julie D’Emilio, Board Member
Carla Hall, Board Member
John Kiely, Board Member

Pia Marinangeli, Board Member
Eileen McCarthy, Board Member
Amanda Milazzo, Board Member
Lawrence Nevins, Board Member
Ruchi Pinniger, Board Member
Ann Marie Resnick, Board Member
Irene Rowe, Board Member
David Rush, Board Member
Agi Semrad, Board Member
Michael Smith, Board Member
Lisa Tan, Board Member
Randy Weis, Board Member
Scarlette Whyte, Board Member
Jill Wilson, Board Member
Ramie Waxman, Board Member

20th Anniversary Benefit Gala Sponsors

Cozy Pajama Sponsors
GFP Real Estate
Ruchi & Keith Pinniger
Watch Her ProsperTM

VIP Friend Sponsors
Geller & Co
Michigan LECET
Morritt Hock & Hamroff, LLP

Sponsorships, Ads & Purchase Tickets

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One Million Good Nights Partners & Sponsors

Carter’s, Inc., Lead Pajama Partner
Scholastic Book Clubs, Lead Book Partner
Tyler Perry Foundation, Good Days Sponsor

Baloo Living, Highlight Month Sponsor
PJ Masks, Highlight Month Sponsor
Rose & Rex, Highlight Month Sponsor