Pajama Program Chicago Expansion

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ajama Program understands deeply how many children in this country don’t have a stable home life, or a home at all. To these children — often abandoned, neglected, living in shelters or temporary housing — we pledge our unwavering commitment to the inherent right of every one of them to have a loving bedtime and restful good night as the start of a positive, empowering good day.

Pajama Program has distributed thousands of pajamas and books to children in Chicago over the last 10 years. We now have more than 100 local Receiving Organizations on our list and we know there are so many more children who will soon benefit greatly by our gifts of new pajamas and new books for bedtime.

In-person readings and visits are special times we share with the children we serve and we plan to grow our Reading Program in Chicago over the next year. The simple experience of sharing a storybook with a child creates lasting joy, enhanced creativity and imagination, and strengthened interpersonal trust.

Genevieve Piturro

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