Good Nights, Westchester!

This holiday season, we want  the children of Westchester to benefit from a comforting bedtime routine. That’s why Pajama Program made a promise to deliver 5,000 Good Nights to local children who may not have the tools to transform their bedtime.

Won’t you help us keep our promise to the children by sponsoring Good Nights, Westchester?

In October, we kick off this annual fundraiser to help bring good nights for good days to the children of Westchester. We need your support! The students at The Ursuline School have pledged to support our cause and will host a Pajama Program Pep Rally at their school on November 4th. Help further their impact!

Be A Sponsor!

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Feature on Pajama Program social media channels
  • Invitation to public events
  • Recognition on Pajama Program website