Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pajama Program and what does the organization do?

See Our Story and learn How We Help Children Thrive.

Who are the pajamas and books helping?

The pajamas and books are helping children facing adversity throughout the country. These children, facing challenges such as housing instability and low family income, are particularly vulnerable when it’s time for them to go to bed. Every night in America, too many children do not get the sleep they need, compromising their health, school performance, and emotional well-being. Sleep is as essential as proper nutrition and exercise for helping children learn and grow. A comforting bedtime routine helps children get the healthy sleep they need.

Providing these bedtime basics—a cozy pair of pajamas and an inspiring storybook—sets the stage for a good night’s rest.

What is a Pajama Program Community Partner?

A Pajama Program Community Partner is a licensed shelter, group home, foster care agency, or other community-based organization supporting children facing adversity. Pajama Program is connected to Community Partners in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The pajamas you and your students collect will benefit the children under the care of a Pajama Program Community Partner.


How do I register for the Drive?

If you participated last year, in 2022: You received an email inviting you to register early. Please follow directions in that email, and contact us if you participated last year but have not received an email.

If you have never participated in the Drive:  You may have received a flyer or seen a social media post with a link to the main 2023 Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive webpage. On that main page, you should fill out the registration form completely to register.

If you did not participate last year but have participated in the Drive before 2022: Go to the 2023 Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive webpage. On that main page, fill out the registration form completely.


How do I report my pajama collection totals and the Community Partner I donated it to?

You will need your REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL to report your donation.

After your drive is over and your chosen Community Partner has confirmed that they are prepared to receive your donation, click your Community Partner’s Report Link. This will open a Report Form–please fill it out completely and submit.

I can’t find my registration confirmation email! What do I do now?

Pajama Program will send all participants reminder emails containing the information needed to report your pajama collection. If you lost those as well, please reach out to us at

What is the Community Partner Number and how can I find it?  

The Community Partner Number is tied to the Community Partner organization’s record in Pajama Program’s database. You can find the Community Partner Number in the table in your registration confirmation email.


Do the pajamas have to be new?

Yes. For health and safety, federal guidelines require that pajamas must be new.

What kinds of pajamas should I collect?

New pajamas only.

Pajamas should be a complete set-a top and matching bottom-or a onesie (please refrain from donating nightshirts or nightgowns).

Pajamas for all seasons, but especially warm, cozy ones at this time of year.

We recommend avoiding religiously themed pajamas (e.g. Christmas themed pajamas), as the child who receives the pajamas may have differing beliefs.  

What pajama sizes are needed most?

At this time, Pajama Program accepts new pajamas for children ages 0-12. (Some children wear adult sizes.)


Will someone come to pick up my pajama collection?

This year, educators will be able to coordinate the pick up/drop off of their pajama collections with their chosen Community Partner on their own time. Educators are responsible for managing the transportation of their pajama collection.

Where do I send my pajama collection?

This year, teachers will be able to choose from a list of the five Community Partners located closest to their schools. This list will be provided in the registration confirmation email and will contain Community Partner contact information. Educators are to reach out to their chosen Community Partner to coordinate the drop off or pick up of their pajama collection.

Can I drop off my Pajama Program donation or ship it?

See the answer to “Where do I send my pajama collection?” above.

Will I find out where my Pajama Program collection is needed before I start collecting or before I finish collecting?

Yes. All who register for the 2023 Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of registering that will contain a list of the five Community Partners located closest to their school. Educators will be able to choose the Community Partner to receive their pajama collection from that list.

Can I contact my chosen Community Partner before my drive is over or before I report my pajama collection totals? I want to start figuring out delivery/drop off logistics now so that I can donate my class’s pajama collection as soon as our drive ends.

Yes, you may reach out to your chosen Community Partner before your drive is over or before you report your donation if you wish. This may be a good course of action if you want to ensure that your pajama collection reaches children facing adversity before the holidays, or if you have concerns about storage space in your classroom/school/home. Ultimately, the coordination of the transportation of your pajama collection is completely up to you. We only ask that you keep track of your pajama totals and the Community Partner that you give your pajama collection to, so that you can accurately report that data. It is critical that you report the total number of pajamas collected and the Community Partner that receives your pajama collection in order for us to ensure that every child who receives new pajamas also receives a new book from Scholastic. We need this data in order to know where and how many books to send.

Do I have to wait for Pajama Program to contact me before I donate my pajama collection to a Community Partner?

Nope! This year we are providing all participants with all the information needed to coordinate the transportation of their pajama collections to a Community Partner. Participants can contact the Community Partner they choose to coordinate drop off or pick up of their collection at any point during the drive.


The FAQs page does not answer my question or address my concern. Who can I reach out to for further information?

If the FAQs page does not answer your question or address your concern, you may email your questions to

I sent a question to Pajama Program but I haven’t heard from anyone.

Since we typically work with 1,000 or more classrooms around the nation during this drive, our responses may be delayed. We deeply appreciate your patience as our staff works to get back to you as soon as possible. If more than 14 or more days have passed without a response, we encourage you to send a follow up email.

How do we make sure books will be donated to Pajama Program by Scholastic?

Pajama Program will send a matching set of Scholastic books from their national distribution center in the months after the completion of the Drive. No action is needed from educators or students for the children of Pajama Program to receive books to match their pajamas.