One Million Good Nights for Good Days is a national campaign to impact the lives of one million children in a time of unprecedented uncertainty and disruption to daily routines.

Pajama Program launched this campaign during the pandemic to meet needs of children facing adversity, such as family instability, economic hardship, food insecurity and more. To date, we have enabled more than 227,000 Good Nights for Good Days by providing pajamas, books, and sleep health resources.

How We’re Doing:


Good Nights for Good Days Provided


Sleep is as important for children’s development as nutrition and exercise. Pajama Program provides children facing adversity and their caregivers with the materials, information, and support children need to have Good Nights for Good Days. 

Your donation is an investment in our mission to promote and support a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep for children to help them thrive. Thank you!

“We’ve provided hundreds of children in our shelter with new pajamas and books in their care packs and we’ve established an excellent bedtime program for them.”

The Lighthouse
Community Partner in Alabama

Pajama Program has earned a ★★★★ rating from Charity Navigator for 12 consecutive years, in a class of only 1% of charities that have earned this transparency and efficacy distinction. Pajama Program also meets the Better Business Bureau’s 20 Charity Standards, the highest ranking for nonprofits.