Meet Aliza Yaillen, New Development Officer

Aliza Yaillen, Pajama Program’s new Development Officer

We’re excited to introduce Aliza Yaillen, our new Development Officer at Pajama Program. Aliza brings a wealth of passion and commitment to our mission of promoting equitable access to healthy sleep so all children can thrive.

Tell us about yourself. What are a few things that you would like the Pajama Program community to know about you?

I am an avid reader and writer. I love animals and have two rabbits who I adopted during Covid. I am always looking for a great ice cream or coffee place, so please feel free to send me those or we can grab a coffee or ice cream together! 

What is your connection to the mission of Pajama Program?

Not everyone has the same access or opportunities. Creating spaces and ways for more children to reach their full potential through better sleeping habits, safer sleeping spaces, and education around the importance of sleep will allow for more equity. My main goal is to create as much equitable opportunity as possible for every population that may not have access to every possibility and opportunity.  

When thinking about the opportunities that lie ahead, what are you most excited about?

I am most excited to see our programs expand and reach as many children, caregivers, and teachers as possible all over the United States and Puerto Rico. 

What’s in your bedtime routine?

While I am not great about implementing this, I try to put my phone to the side 30 minutes before I begin to go to bed and read in bed for a bit before I turn off the lights.

What do you remember most from bedtime when you were a child?

My parents always made sure at least one of them was putting me to bed. They would read a short book or a chapter from a story as I got older. They would tuck me in and turn on my night light before turning off the lights. 

Help us support good nights for good days for all children, everywhere.