Nonprofit Organization Provides Sleepwear, Necessary Education for Kids and Families.

Published in Livonia Today
Q2, 2024

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EVERY child benefits from a good night’s sleep and Pajama Program makes that happen for many.

The nonprofit national organization provides pajamas for newborns to 10-year-old children, and even teddy bears and books to promote and support a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep habits that could benefit people the rest of their lives. Everything that is donated to children is new.

Research shows that children who follow a bedtime routine are more likely to get the healthy sleep they need to thrive and feel secure. The bedtime routine promotes parent and child bonding and helps children fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. Good sleeping habits pave the way for good health and emotional well-being.

The organization provides new pajamas, bears and storybooks, as well as health education programs about the importance of sleep among children and their families. The books that are donated also promote literacy and a love for reading. Pajama Program’s main office is in New York and satellite locations are in Atlanta and Livonia, at 19171 Merriman Road.

Pajama Program partners with Head Start, which provides preschool programming for young children who live in low-income households, have housing insecurity or have family instability. Pajama Program also provides instruction to their parents and guardians.

“Sleep is such a critical need and so overlooked,” said Ann Raftery, Pajama Program director of learning and development in Livonia. “If children don’t get enough sleep their health is affected. We need a healthy bedtime routine to thrive.”

Studies show children three to five years old need between 10 and 13 hours of sleep; children six to 12 need between 9 and 12 hours of sleep and children 12 to 18 need 8 to 10 hours of nightly rest.

The educational outreach programs go over basic sleep health information, like how many hours children need to sleep, what is a good temperature for sleep and other basic information, Raftery said.

“There are so many families we support,” she said. “They’re families who are facing adversity.”

Locally, the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation has provided a three-year grant to support the Brightmoor community in Detroit. Pajama Program is also locally supported by Emmanuel Lutheran and the Lions Club.

Call the Livonia office at (248) 478-3242 for more information or go to www. to donate and to volunteer

Help us support good nights for good days for all children, everywhere.