Our Early Childhood partners tell us this year has been a struggle with attendance and challenging behaviors.  As you plan how to support students and families next fall, Pajama Program wants you, our partners in early childhood education, to know that we are here to help. 

Routines and sleep are critical to preschoolers;  sleep helps children arrive and thrive in the classroom and at home.

Pajama Program can give you the training and tools you need to engage families around a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep!  Participation in our professional development training makes you eligible to receive FREE teaching teddy bears and/or Bedtime Routine Kits (pajamas, books, bedtime routine resources, and more) for each student.

Evidence-based, fun, and aligned to HighScope and Creative Curriculum, our Sweet Dreamzzz® for Early Childhood℠ program will help you provide sleep health education and bedtime resources to preschoolers and their parents/caregivers. Working as a team, you will be able to help children have Good Nights for Good Days. 

It all starts with our professional development training. Click below to learn more… 

Join us for an exciting in-person event dedicated to early childhood sleep health! This institute is designed for Head Start/Pre-K through 2nd grade educators who want to learn more about promoting healthy sleep habits in young children. We will cover a wide range of topics, including the importance of sleep, bedtime routines, and review useful resources to take back to your classroom. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, practical tips, and educational materials and resources that will help inform your students and families about healthy sleep. Register now and be a part of this informative and engaging free professional development session!

Pajama Program, in partnership with Scholastic, invites you to an engaging, research-based seminar about early childhood sleep health for Pre-K – 2nd grade teachers.

What You’ll Get:

  • ·        Lunch will be provided.
  • ·        Free pajamas for students (select sizes and quantities available).
  • ·        Free lesson plans for use in the classroom.
  • ·        Free resources to share out with families.
  • ·        A great opportunity to network with educators from across the city and surrounding communities.

Learning Objectives:

  • ·        Learn what healthy sleep is, why it’s important for developing children, and understand the impact sleep can have on child and family well-being.
  • ·        Delve into strategies and tips to share with children, parents and caregivers about healthy sleep.
  • ·        Leverage resources that help make healthy sleep part of your daily classroom routine.

We know you want children to thrive in your classroom – come learn how healthy sleep can be the key!

Sweet Dreamzzz® for Early Childhood

Designed for Head Start and state-funded preschools, this comprehensive program gives early childhood educators the training and tools they need to provide hands-on sleep health education to young students and their caregivers.

Storytime Plus

At Pajama Program Centers in New York City, Atlanta, and Metro Detroit, children learn about healthy sleep and our R.E.A.D.Y.® Bedtime Routine, connect by sharing a story with a caring volunteer, and leave with program materials and new pajamas and books for bedtime. This interactive experience provides children with the building blocks they need to have a Good Night for a Good Day.

Sweet Dreamzzz® Parent Workshop

This engaging, interactive presentation on healthy sleep and the importance of a bedtime routine helps parents and caregivers with simple strategies for overcoming common bedtime challenges, and encourages peers to learn from shared experiences. Participants receive tools to help foster comforting, healthy bedtime routines with their children.

National Distribution Network

Pajama Program distributes thousands of cozy pajamas and inspiring books to eligible Community Partners that work directly with children facing adversity across the United States, including Puerto Rico.

Volunteers in local chapters coordinate pajama and book drives in their communities to meet the needs of Community Partners in their area. They also work with schools, businesses, and donors to host programs and events to promote and support Pajama Program’s mission.