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Of the millions of children in this country, Pajama Program reaches out to those who need our help most. From infants to teenagers, these are children living in circumstances that are difficult for most of us to imagine.

Often homeless, in foster care or in poverty, their unstable, uncertain lives make them uniquely vulnerable as bedtime approaches — and particularly able to reap the greatest benefit from our efforts.

As bedtime approaches each night, millions of children in this country have no bed to call their own let alone pajamas to change into or books to escape into — and so they have no concept of a loving bedtime. The treasured ritual of changing into clean pajamas and tucking in with an enchanting bedtime story are unknown some of these children, in fact, have never heard of pajamas.

With love and compassion, Pajama Program delivers the magical gifts of pajamas and books, offering not only an escape from their immediate reality, but more importantly a good night’s sleep and a better tomorrow for every tomorrow.

“These children are always moving from one place to another. And emotionally it can be a lot for them.”

— Eva, Caregiver

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