Pajama & Book Drive FAQs

Do the pajamas have to be new? 

Yes. For health and safety, federal guidelines require that pajamas must be new.

What kinds of pajamas should I collect? 

  • Brand-new and unused pajamas only. 
  • Pajamas should be a complete set—a top and bottom, or an appropriate nightgown. 
  • Pajamas for all seasons.

What pajama sizes are needed most? 

Pajama Program accepts new pajamas for children ages 0-12.

Will someone come to pick up my donation? 

Pajama Program does not provide pickup services. Instead, Pajama Program selects specific Community Partner organizations that are local in your community and asks those who have collected pajamas to coordinate with the local volunteer Pajama Program chapter president to deliver the gifts to the children. 

Where do I send my pajama collection? 

  1. When you finish your collection, you can find our online donation form  here
  2. Fill out the requested information at the link above and hit Submit. 
  3. Within fourteen days, you will receive an email response from the volunteer Pajama Program Chapter President for your area, who will direct you to a locally approved Pajama Program Community Partner. 

Can I drop off my Pajama Program donation or ship it? 

You are welcome to drop off or ship to the Community Partner designated for your collection by your volunteer chapter president. Delivery information will be provided by either the Community Partner or the volunteer chapter president. 

Can I find out where my Pajama Program collection is needed before I start collecting or before I finish collecting? 

No. Pajama Program will determine where your collection is needed based on what you’ve collected once you finish your drive. Every Pajama Program Community Partner organization is unique, helping different numbers of children and different age groups. The location where your donation is needed can only be determined once your collection is complete. 

I filled out the Pajama Program online donation form but I haven’t heard from anyone. 

Please keep in mind that Pajama Program Chapter Presidents are volunteers, so they will send a reply as soon as they can. If you submitted your information and have not received communication from Pajama Program within fourteen days of your email, please contact 

What if a Pajama Program contact is not in my town? 

Pajama Program serves all 50 states (including Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico) with the help of its volunteer chapter presidents and staff. Volunteer chapter presidents may be in your state (in some instances, there are chapter presidents who cover all or a portion of a state), in which case, the chapter president will serve as your local contact. However, if a volunteer chapter president is not assigned to your area, Pajama Program staff will oversee the delivery of your collection to the children in your local area. Once you fill out the online donation form, your information will be directed to the appropriate Pajama Program contact. We have a Community Partner near you that is waiting!