Board of Directors

Antoinette Beauchamp

Co-Founder & Life Coach, One + Many

Antoinette Beauchamp dedicates her days toward molding the world into a more conscious, compassionate and harmonious place. With her company, The A.B. Method, Antoinette aims to build a community of truth-seekers, people looking to release their fears, step into their truth, launch their dreams into reality and carry their light into the world. As a Certified Professional Life Coach, IPEC., ELI- MP., and 200-hr RYT, Antoinette celebrates love as the ultimate vehicle for support and growth, embracing it as the ideal way to gently guide others toward living their most optimal, fulfilled lives.

Prior to her launch of The A.B Method, Antoinette lived and worked in NYC in the fashion industry. It was during this time she discovered Pajama Program. Antoinette has been a devoted supporter of Pajama Program since 2014. She was drawn to Pajama Program from the start, with a deep love for children and bedtime.