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Janet Estevez-Filardi and Gerry Woods, Chapter Co-Presidents

About Pajama Program – Connecticut Chapter

Janet Estevez-Filardi, Connecticut Chapter Co-President, believes it’s all about the children. She searched for years to find an organization she could volunteer at that would focus on helping children. She was invited to a Pajama Program Awards Luncheon, and didn’t expect the powerful impact it had on her. She immediately knew it was the organization she was searching for, and is grateful for the unique opportunity to serve her community.

Gerry Woods, Connecticut Chapter Co-President, also gets love and inspiration from children. As a retired elementary school teacher, she knew that she wanted to continue her involvement with children. She first heard about Pajama Program when the founder, Genevieve Piturro, was a guest on the Oprah Show. As she listened to her story, she was amazed and fascinated by Genevieve’s love and devotion to children. Gerry began to inquire about the program and to her surprise, she has been able to collect and distribute many books and pajamas to many children in her area.

Contacting the Connecticut Chapter

If you have questions, want to volunteer, become a Community Partner, or anything else, contact:

Janet Estevez-Filardi, janete@pajamaprogram.org
Gerry Woods, gerry@pajamaprogram.org

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