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Prospective volunteers interested in any chapter, please note:

  • If you have collected donations of new pajamas and books, please record them here so we may distribute them to Community Partners in your local area.
  • Organizations interested in becoming Community Partners can apply and learn more about working with Pajama Program here.
  • If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers to support our mission in Massachusetts, please fill out this form to get started!

Central & Western Massachusetts Chapter

Chapter President: Christine Ohristo, christineo@pajamaprogram.org

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Christine Ohristo, Central Massachusetts Chapter President, lives in Charlton with her husband. They have two daughters in college. One of the most important things to her as a parent has always been instilling a love of reading in her daughters. She has no greater memories than the bedtime routines they shared.

As a third grade teacher in the Auburn Public School System for over twenty ears, Christine has dedicated her life to educating children on the importance of reading. Each year, the school runs a reading incentive program that rewards students for reading by donating books to various organizations. When she read about Pajama Program and our founder, Genevieve Piturro, she knew it would be a wonderful organization for the school to fundraise for. She gradually became more involved and now shares the joy of reading by gathering pajama and book donations for those in her community.

North Shore Chapter

Chapter President: Erika Goldwater, erika@pajamaprogram.org

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Erika Goldwater, North Shore Chapter President, learned about Pajama Program when a friend in another state asked for donations. As a mother of three, she was moved by how the seemingly simple gifts of new pajamas and books can help make a child feel special, loved, and sleep a little better at night. The North Shore Chapter is dedicated to helping local children, and thanks to caring friends, neighbors, and businesses, they know they can make a difference.

Boston & Southeast Massachusetts Chapter

Chapter President: Liz Cannistraro, liz@pajamaprogram.org

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Liz Cannistraro, Boston & Southeast Massachusetts Chapter President, is a mother of five and a grandmother of five. Having been a foster parent for years, as well as an adoptive parent to three of her children, she has witnessed children who lack basic of needs like pajamas. As a volunteer coordinator for a Community Partner that caters to children living in homeless shelters, she has seen firsthand how the simple gifts of pajamas and books can bring so much joy to a child.