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New York City Chapter

Ana Fraioli, New York City Chapter Co-President – is an administrative assistant at Newmark Knight Frank. She joined Pajama Program as a volunteer in 2003. Ana coordinates daily evening and weekend programs at the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) Children’s Center.

Ana believes that bedtime really should be a special time for children of all ages. “Children deserve to be in warm pajamas with a book to read – so we have and will continue to provide as much care and attention as possible to meet these needs. I am very fortunate and honored to be part of Pajama Program and thank my husband, coworkers, friends, and volunteers for all their support, guidance, and time. Besides providing pajamas and books, we have been able to create something spectacular and wonderful.”

If you  want to volunteer to read with children at ACS, contact Ana Fraioli, ana@pajamaprogram.org

Fran Nevins, New York City Chapter Co-President, joined Pajama Program as a volunteer in 2020. She connects pajama and book donations with local Community Partners and helps NYC donors plan drives and fundraisers.

If you  want to donate or hold a drive, contact Fran Nevins, fran@pajamaprogram.org

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Buffalo Chapter

Pajama Program donations in Buffalo are managed through the National Office. Donations of new pajamas and books can be entered here and they will be distributed locally. Interested Community Partners can read more here.

If you are interested in joining our team of volunteer Chapter Presidents to support our mission in Buffalo, please contact info@pajamaprogram.org | 212.716.9757

Long Island Chapter

Petti Cellura, Long Island Co-Chapter President, believes that what goes around, comes around. She has spent 38 years working with children in New York City and Long Island schools as a teacher and then as a principal. Her love of books and reading to children brought her to Pajama Program. As a retired educator, she now has the time to devote to things she loves doing. As the granddaughter of immigrants, she was given many opportunities to succeed, from a loving home and an accepting community. She believes it is her turn to offer the nurturing experience of a comfy pair of pajamas and a good book to the next generation of children, so they too may grow up and achieve the American Dream.

If you have questions, want to volunteer, recommend a new drop-off location, or anything else, contact:

Petti Cellura, petti@pajamaprogram.org
Shari Caradonna, shari@pajamaprogram.org

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Putnam County Chapter

Lucy DeFeo, Putnam County Chapter Co-President, has been a Mahopac resident for 32 years. She is very active in her local community and was involved with the Birth Right office in Yorktown, NY, as well as the committee for the local chapter of Right to Life. Lucy is a member of the Italian-American Club in Mahopac and contributes much of her time to the many social and cultural events sponsored by its Putnam Festivities Committee.

Lucy has worked for DeFeo Manufacturing, a family-owned business, for over 28 years and has been a distributor of Skahlee for over 20 years. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her two grandchildren, and has just started to play golf.

If you have questions, want to volunteer, recommend a new drop-off location, or anything else, contact:

Lucy DeFeo, lucy@pajamaprogram.org
Donna Rossomando, donnar@pajamaprogram.org

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Syracuse Chapter

Connie Martin, Syracuse Chapter President, has been living in Cortland for the past nine years. She grew up in Orange County, NY and still has family there. Upon graduating from SUNY Cortland, she moved to NYC where she taught for a couple of years. She decided to finish graduate school at SUNY Cortland and began teaching in Homer, NY. She has taught 4th grade for nine years and enjoys working with children. She and her husband love to travel together.

If you have questions, want to volunteer, recommend a new drop-off location, or anything else, contact:

Connie Martin, connie@pajamaprogram.org

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Westchester Chapter

Deana Ferreira, Westchester Chapter Co-President, is a longtime lover of literature. She believes every child deserves to learn and to imagine, and that bedtime stories are the perfect place to start. As an educator and parent, she has been sharing the joy of reading at home and in her NYC classroom for over 20 years. Deana is a longtime resident of Mount Kisco, NY, where she enjoys spending time with her family, chasing her dog around hiking trails, and curling up with a good book.

If you have questions, want to volunteer, recommend a new drop-off location, or anything else, contact:

Deana Ferreira, deana@pajamaprogram.org

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