Our Mission & History

At Pajama Program, we deliver good nights with a goal of providing good days because, really, you can’t have one without the other. They’re inseparable.

We want every child to feel the love and security that ensures peaceful sleep — and to awaken with the energy and spirit to make every day positive, happy and hopeful. We are committed to opening up their imaginations, which helps them escape for a moment from the reality of their lives today. And we believe in teaching the power of creativity to help them invent better lives for themselves — today and tomorrow.

We accomplish this with the rather magical gifts of pajamas and books — ordinary objects that transform their bedtimes into comforting rituals of love, support and fun. And we do this all with unconditional love and a wholehearted commitment to the Good Night Bill of Rights, dedicated to giving every child everywhere a better tomorrow.

Help Us Turn Once Upon a Time into Tonight