Good Nights Are Good Days

Completing the 24-Hour Good Day Loop

The 24-Hour Good Day Loop is complete when a loving bedtime leads to a good night of restful sleep, providing the energy, resilience and courage for a good day — and many good days to come.
This is every child’s right.

We believe in every child’s right to a good night, and a good night starts with a loving, caring bedtime. Our magical gifts of new pajamas and books set the tone for change and escape, helping children feel cozy and cared for, their minds opened to possibilities and worlds beyond where they live today.
By creating the perfect comforting, validating environment for a calming bedtime, we prepare children for a peaceful night’s sleep. They escape from the incredible stress of their days, powering down and tuning out from the world, settled and ready to drift off. Deep, restful sleep brings immeasurable benefits to growing children, especially those for whom great stress is constant.
A loving bedtime followed by a good night’s sleep lets children awaken to the new day feeling positive and inspired, with courage, a clearer mind and a more willing attitude — ready to face all the things one can imagine their day will bring. And as one good day builds on another for these children, the 24-hour cycle of positivity changes more than just their outlook and performance: their relationship with the world is fundamentally, positively changed.

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