Pajama Program is here to make “once upon a time” tonight, for every child who needs us.
With the unconditional, magical gifts of new pajamas and books, we introduce them to a bedtime ritual that is the beginning of a different, more capable and courageous way of life, throughout the 24 hours of their day.

Once Upon A Time

…every child
changed into warm,
new pajamas
at bedtime.

…every child
listened wide-eyed to a story
as the stars twinkled
outside their window.

…every child
felt comforted and cared for
as they drifted off to sleep,
their hearts full
and their imaginations racing.

…every child
slept peacefully and soundly,
prepared for a day of energy,
optimism and joy

— a complete, 24-hour loop of positivity.

Help Us Turn Once Upon a Time into Tonight