Our Fundamentals

Our Fundamentals

Love is the foundation of everything we do at Pajama Program.

With love, nighttime is more comforting, daytime is more fulfilling, imaginations are better able to thrive, collaborations feel more genuine and giving is unconditional. Above all, with love, children learn that they are important.

Love Supports the Fundamentals of Pajama Program

Good Nights

Every child has a right to feel secure, cared for and inspired at bedtime, to sleep peacefully and to awaken rested and refreshed.

Good Days

Good nights give children energy, courage, optimism and focus so they learn and grow — physically, intellectually and emotionally — creating the best possible lives for themselves every day.


This cornerstone of creativity offers not only a temporary means of escape, but also enables children to respond to each day’s challenges with more resilience. And children with well-developed imaginations can imagine their dreams as a reality — the courageous key to a better life.


By working together to share talents and ideas, connect ideas to action, support children and build a better community, we become a stronger, more effective force for good.


The unconditional, magical gifts of pajamas and books build spirits, create stronger bonds and develop a genuine sense of love and belonging between us and children.

Help Us Turn Once Upon a Time into Tonight