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ounger children enjoy our popular Reading Parties, where they are paired with an adult volunteer to spend a magical hour reading together. This is a time of unconditional love and individual attention from a caring adult. Following a healthy snack at the end of the hour, we hold a small ceremony where each child is presented with a preselected new pair of pajamas tied in ribbon with their name. Showered with applause, the child feels special. And before leaving, each child is invited to select a new book from our bookshelves, as our gift.

Often, these pajamas and books are the first new things these children have ever received. They leave the Reading Center with magical gifts to help transform their reality: new pajamas keep them warm and feeling cared for, and a storybook serves to open their imaginations at bedtime that night, and every night to come.

or the older children of Pajama Program, our Reading Centers provide a safe place for middle schoolers and teenagers to cultivate healthy connections with an adult and with each other. Through these connections, the children are better able to express themselves and their feelings. Reading is at the core of every program we offer, encouraging creativity and self-expression.

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New York City

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New York, NY 10016
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Westchester County, NY

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Middletown, NJ

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Atlanta, GA

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