Rise and Shine:
A Bright Future for Pajama Program

letter-ohis is a very exciting time to be involved with Pajama Program. Thanks to key partnerships and our volunteers, we continue to elevate our national profile and help provide Good Nights for Good Days for young people across the country. Over the past year, we have invested in our vision strategy to build a strong brand positioning that defines the culture of our organization as advocates of Good Nights for Good Days for children and educating on the role a quality night’s sleep plays in that.

Now more than ever it is important to share our vision so that we can continue our long-term impact for many more years to come. Here is an overview of where we’ve been and how we are growing our efforts.

Continuing Our Impact
First, we want to acknowledge the work our organization has accomplished so far. We’ve done an incredible job of delivering over 5 million good nights through our magical gifts of new pajamas and books. We have learned from over 16 years of experience that there is great power in offering transformative tools for bedtime to children. This work is the foundation of what we do and will not change:  we will continue to share these gifts with children at-risk.

Sharing Our Mission
This year has been critical in how we’ve clarified our purpose for those in our communities to really understand why we do what we do. We’ve shared our mission: we support every child’s right to a good night for a good day. The premise is simple yet profound: a loving bedtime and a good night’s rest aren’t something a child must earn, but are fundamental to their well-being. Too many children face nights filled with uncertainty or worse. If their nights are in jeopardy, so are their days, and therefore their futures. By affirming and communicating this mission, we strengthen our identity and agency to inspire people and effect change.

Elevating Advocacy
With our mission at heart, we’re becoming stronger advocates for every child’s right to a good night. We’ve been sharing our Good Night Bill of Rights with communities everywhere to raise awareness about this inherent right that is often overlooked. Moreover, we’ve been informing people about the critical 24-hour Good Day Loop, asserting the importance of establishing a loving bedtime routine for children so that they experience deep, restorative sleep, which in turn leads to better days and self-actualization. As advocates, we are evolving our efforts to help support children at-risk at night so they can live more optimistic days.

Expanding Our Perspective
A major part of our evolution is looking at the work we do through a greater lens. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to closing the 24-hour Good Day Loop, looking at the gap between when children lay down at night and rise the next day. We’re also dedicating our efforts to serving the needs of children year-round. Historically, we have focused efforts on the demands of the winter season, which we will continue to do, but we also recognize and address the unique challenges children at-risk, families, and caregivers face with each passing season. We are committed to supporting our children 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through all four seasons, in order to deliver our mission that Good Nights are Good Days to all children.

Providing Thought LeadershipIn order to become advocates for a child’s right to a good night, we want to further develop and communicate our expertise when it comes to children’s sleep. We’ve already been relaying research and tips for adults through our newsletter and social media platforms, such as “Why Restful Nights Lead to Optimistic Days” or “The A, B, Z’s of Back-to-School Sleep.” We further plan to create a Good Night Advisory Council (GNAC), which will consist of experts in the medical and social services field who can help us on offer support to our team. We hope to engage with thought leaders on the challenges each season brings for children’s sleep.

We look forward to continuing Pajama Program’s important work, helping children nationwide sleep comfortably at night so they can rise the next day more positive and ready to fulfill their potential. Together, we will do all that we can to protect every child’s right to a good night during every season. We have already come so far, and the future looks bright.

Help us support good nights for good days for all children, everywhere.