Sleep Health Education

When children and their parents, caregivers, and teachers have access to clear, actionable information about healthy sleep and how to foster a bedtime routine, children are better able to get sleep that is appropriate in quantity and quality. Pajama Program offers Sweet Dreamzzz® sleep health education programs to help children form healthy sleep habits that can last a lifetime.

Sweet Dreamzzz® for Early Childhood℠

Designed for Head Start and other low-income preschool programs, this comprehensive program provides early childhood teachers and staff with the training and tools they need to deliver sleep health education to preschoolers and their parents/caregivers. Working together, educators, students, and parents/caregivers form a triangle of support around sleep health, making it easier for children to follow a bedtime routine and get the sleep they need.

Professional Development Training Sessions:

  • Teaching a Healthy Sleep Curriculum to Preschoolers: Training and Tools for Early Childhood Teachers
    Half-day workshop on teaching preschool students about healthy sleep and a bedtime routine using the Sweet Dreamzzz for Early Childhood classroom curriculum (includes 2-weeks of small- and large-group lessons aligned to HighScope and Creative Curriculum; teaching teddy bears help children carry healthy sleep lessons home)
  • Educating Parents and Caregivers about Healthy Sleep for Preschoolers: Training and Tools for Early Childhood Staff
    3-hour seminar on teaching parents and caregivers about healthy sleep and a bedtime routine for preschoolers using the Sweet Dreamzzz for Early Childhood Flipchart (includes step-by-step instructions for facilitating one-on-one or small group presentations with parents/caregivers; ideal training for home visitors, family service workers, teachers, social workers, etc.; take-home materials help parents/caregivers set reachable goals and foster healthy sleep habits)

Sweet Dreamzzz® Parent Workshop

  • Delivered to parents and caregivers of young children, this engaging, 45-minute workshop teaches participants how much sleep children need, how sleep impacts health, behavior, and school performance, and how to foster a successful bedtime routine. The interactive presentation allows for group discussion and helps participants identify simple strategies for overcoming common bedtime challenges. Workshops are designed for groups of up to 25 participants and can be delivered via Zoom or on-site, when possible. Participants receive bedtime routine materials they can use with their children to make bedtime a rewarding, team experience.