Chapter President

Arkansas Chapter

Chapter President, Michelle Anderson

I have been looking for a great cause that either had something to do with children (our future) or elderly (our wisdom teachers). It wasn’t until a recent trip that I had the opportunity to meet a great gentleman, Demo DiMartile, who just happens to be Genevieve’s husband. We had a great conversation and I talked about adoption and he mentioned his wife’s program. When I got home that day I started looking into the program and it was fate!

This is my calling! I am an adoptee who spent a few weeks in a foster home before God placed me in a beautiful home with great parents. Although I do not remember that time since I was a baby, I know that that experience impacted my life - to be appreciative in all things.

It is my hope that the people/companies of Arkansas and in the US will help the Pajama Program journey to help the children and adolescents living in stressful circumstances. The positive benefit of having a good night sleep in new pajamas and curling up for a bedtime story improves all areas of life, from academics to health and wellbeing.

With much appreciation, I thank you in advance for your support in either monetary donations or with new pajamas and books.


If you would like more information on the Pajama Program or how you can volunteer please contact me at:



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