Chapter President

Orange County, CA Chapter

Chapter President, Terry Miranda

Hi, my name is Terry, and I was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany and moved to California 11 years ago. I am married to Paul, work full time in marketing and have an adorable 2-year old boy Noel. Noel was born 13 weeks premature and has ever since been considered a miracle baby. We were blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing people who constantly supported us while we went through a very tough time and decided we needed to somehow give back. A couple of years ago, I heard on the radio about an organization which collected pajamas for foster children to make them feel safe and help them sleep better in their new homes. I realized very soon that we have been taking so many things for granted and decided that for Noel's 2nd birthday we would ask his guests to bring pajamas instead of toys which we wanted to donate. Once we were sitting on a big basket full of new pajamas, I started looking for local organizations where I could drop them off. That's when I found Pajama Program and noticed that there was no Orange County chapter. I am so happy to be part of this great organization and can't wait to contribute as much as possible with my friends and family to make thousands of children in need happy!

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