Chapter President

Orlando, FL Chapter

Chapter President, Jim Rickard

My name is Jim Rickard. I am a CPA, my wife Gina and I have two wonderful children who are making their way through middle-school. We are blessed to have a home and to have good jobs. We know there are people in our community that need help.

Our family always enjoys reading a good book before bed. We laugh at the funny stories, are touched by the heart-warming stories, and learn some things along the way.

I heard about Pajama Program on the radio one day and thought it sounded like an organization I could get behind. An organization that helps children be able to relax before bed with a good book and be able to sleep comfortably with some nice pajamas. It is an organization the helps other children enjoy some of the favorite things our family enjoys. It sounded to me like something that all children should be able to enjoy. So I got involved and I think it helps make a difference.

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