Chapter President

Tampa and Suncoast, FL Chapter

Chapter President, Faith Smith

My name is Faith Smith. I am now a stay at home mom, after previously working for JP Morgan Chase for 10 years and then owning a Cafe in Tampa. I have three wonderful children, Hannah, Jackson and Hope (Hopey). I am originally from England and moved to New Jersey as an ‘Au Pair’ in 1991. I married my husband Rian in 1994 and we recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

I watched a television show about Genevieve Piturro winning a vacation. I learned about Pajama Program while watching this show. I was deeply moved by Genevieve and her devotion to children in need. The next morning, I read about Pajama Program and knew that I had to be involved. I am very excited and proud to be involved with Pajama Program.

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