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Nebraska Chapter

Chapter President, Maggie Foster

Hello! My name is Maggie Foster, and I live in the little cozy town of Talmage, in the southeast corner of Nebraska. I am a stay at home mom to my daughter Harleigh, 4 and Edison, 6 months. We also have two dogs, Jensen and Lacy, who are my daughter’s absolute best friends. I was introduced to books at a very young age. Actually, I can’t remember a time without books. When I was younger, I enjoyed hearing the stories, using my imagination and listening to the magic of fairytales. As I got older, reading became more therapeutic to me. It was a way to wind down and forget the stressors of everyday life. It calmed down my ever racing mind when I finally got a moment o myself. Even now as an adult, my favorite past time is to snuggle on the couch in my pajamas reading a good book. So it was only natural that I introduced my daughter to books at a young age. Reading is by far her favorite activity.

I learned about Pajama Program when a friend of mine shared a donation page for pajamas and books. That night, my husband had our daughter cuddled on his lap in her pajamas and was reading her a book. It was then I realized that this is one of the small things in children’s lives that make a significant impact. There are children who don’t get the comfort of warm pajamas or a good book. When I went to search for ways to make a donation in my area, I realized there was not a chapter within 200 miles of me. I didn’t even hesitate for a minute when I decided to become the Nebraska Chapter President.

If you are interested in hosting a pajama drive, volunteering to help with events, sponsoring a fundraiser, or making a charitable donation, please contact me.

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