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Chapter Co-Presidents, Carlen and Steven Cooper

"When I was a little girl, my mother, an expert seamstress, used to spend countless hours making me and my cousins beautifully crafted pajamas for every birthday and Christmas gift! It became so routine that we didn’t quite appreciate her talent and fruits of her dedication as we opened up those gift boxes to the always predictable pajama “surprise”!

It wasn’t until much later, as we became older, that we learned what that tradition had meant to my mother and it made us feel so special and loved. This cause is very dear to my heart. "

- Carlen

This childhood memory was the catalyst to our journey with Pajama Program that started over 6 years ago. Our oldest son was only 4 when we had the idea to hold a pajama drive with friends and families at his preschool to benefit this incredible organization we had just heard of. It was such a fun event to do, not to mention the priceless lesson in serving others gained by all of us. Since then, our entire family has been involved and our two boys Tyler (now 10 years old) and Evan (5 years old) are our biggest cheerleaders! We are so excited to be currently living in Northern Nevada and serving communities all over the state.

Please consider holding a PJ Drive with your family and friends to help kids right here in our local communities. Help us provide new pajamas and new books to needy children, many of whom are waiting and hoping to be adopted. Many of these youngsters have been abused or abandoned and in many cases, have never enjoyed the simple comfort of having a loving mother or father tuck them in at bedtime. Through Pajama Program, we hope to contribute to a warmer, more loving environment for children when they are at their most vulnerable.


Carlen & Steven Cooper NEVADA Chapter President and Co-President

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