Chapter President

Austin, TX Chapter

Co-Chapter President, Linda Hunter

My name is Linda Hunter, and I have lived in Austin, TX for the last 14 years. I have three children and four grandchildren. I have always taped books for my grandchildren and mailed them the tape and the books because we live far apart. It is so important to foster that love of reading to children.

I became aware of Pajama Program when I was watching the Oprah Show one day. As soon as I found out that Austin didn’t have a chapter here,

I knew what my mission would be. My heart has always been with children who are from an abusive situation. I have voluntered most of my adult life to help with donations to the shelters and tried to raise awareness to the public for the need to help. The centers do such wonderful work to help out with a very scary time in a child’s life.

I know that every child deserves to have the special moment at the end of their day to cuddle up with their own pajamas and curl up with a good book to read. I know the children will feel the love and caring when they have that security in their bedtimes to know that someone cared enough about them to send them pjs and a book.

Pajama Program is a well organized nationally recognized program that focuses on helping children in your local area.

If you would like to have a pajama drive, volunteer to help with events, sponsor a fundraiseror make a charitable donation, please contact me.

Co-Chapter President, Susan Malone

Hello, my name is Susan Malone and I live in Austin, TX with my husband and two daughters!

I first was touched by Pajama Program when my first daughter was born, and I saw the founder on The Oprah Show! I had just left my corporate job also with Marriott Hotels after being with them for 16 years to stay home with my daughter! I knew I wanted to give back and still be involved in something I believed in!

We did not have an official chapter here at that time but I just held outdoor movie nights with my neighbors and the "admission" to the movie was a pair of pj's! I did this for several years before logging on to the website and seeing that there now was an official chapter launching that month! The rest is history as they say! Linda and I, along with so many other volunteers, have been going strong ever since! It is an honor to be involved with people so passionate about serving children all over the world!

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