Pre-K & Elementary School Age

Reading PartiesRead aloud and shared reading 1:1 to build fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Age: 4–12

Location: Reading Centers (NYC, Middletown, NJ, Westchester)

Duration: 1 hour

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Reading Aloud Author TimeRead aloud — listening/following along (to storytelling) and 1:1 shared reading to build word recognition, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Age: 4–10

Location: NYC Reading Center

Duration: 90 minutes

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Book in a Bag – Take-home books (school outreach)Reading comprehension support and staff development; using text to support thinking, vocabulary and concepts. Read aloud 1:1 at reading center, 4 visits to reinforce themes and concepts

Age: 5–6 (K – 1 Grade)

Location: PS 179, Bronx, NY

Duration: 4 Visits

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Back Pack Program (school outreach)Book handling, print, punctuation, letter and word recognition. Read aloud, shared reading.

Age: 4 (Pre-K)

Location: Daly School, Port Washington, NY, Ames Early Childhood Center, Yonkers, NY

Duration: 3 months, 3 hour long visits

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Teens and Tweens

Reading Buddy PlusRead aloud & shared reading 1:1 to increase enthusiasm for reading, build fluency, vocabulary development, improve critical thinking skills and comprehension.

Age: 10–12

Location: NYC Reading Center.

Duration: 6 months, 2 sessions per month.

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Power in the MiddleCollege/career readiness, positive communication skills, empowerment through improved literacy.

Age: 13–18

Location: NYC Reading Center “Teen Scene”

Duration: 6–7 weeks, 90 minutes each session

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Poetry PlusSelf-expression and personal development through reading and writing poetry.

Age: 12–16

Location: Westchester Reading Center

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Money MattersFinancial literacy and the importance of education as it relates to increased earning potential.

Age: 12–18

Location: Westchester Reading Center, NYC Reading Center

Duration: 4 weeks, 90 minutes each session

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