Our Story

Pajama Program is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes equitable access to healthy sleep so all children can thrive. We provide new pajamas and storybooks, sleep health education, and caring connections to ensure that children facing adversities—including low family income, housing insecurity, and family instability—have the tools they need for better bedtimes. Since 2001, Pajama Program has delivered over 8 million Good Nights for Good Days. Pajama Program leverages a national network of volunteers and partnerships with 4,000 community-based organizations across the United States, and  also provides local programming in New York City, Atlanta, and metro-Detroit.

Our Mission

To promote equitable access to healthy sleep so all children can thrive.

Our Vision

Good nights for good days for all children, everywhere.

Our Core Values

Pajama Program’s core values of impact, community, and equity guide our work and how we work with each other.


  • We are informed, creative, and responsive, developing meaningful programming for and with our community.
  • We are disciplined but agile in our approach, thoughtfully adapting to meet the changing needs of those we support.
  • We drive toward measurable improvements in well-being, supporting our community’s capacity to sustain positive outcomes.


  • We cultivate constructive and collaborative relationships that further our mission.
  • We foster inclusive, supportive environments that provide a sense of connection, trust, and belonging.
  • We listen deeply and learn from diverse experiences and perspectives, understanding that we are stronger together.


  • We foster a culture of dignity and respect in our relationships with our community, and with each other.
  • We prioritize those who are under-resourced and overlooked, and we amplify their voices.
  • We recognize systemic inequities, and we shape our responses to help people overcome barriers to positive outcomes.

Our work is also guided by the Good Night Advisory Council and the Good Night Bill of Rights.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We Are Committed to Embracing Differences 

At Pajama Program, through our dedication to continuous learning, we are committed to a nondiscriminatory approach to our work and support for our community. We are committed to reflecting diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging (DEIB) in our organizational governance, volunteer structure, staffing, funding decisions, partnerships, and policies.  

As we actively work to strengthen our knowledge of DEIB resources, we are committed to collaborating with experts and using our core values of impact,community, andequity to guide our work to support equitable access to healthy sleep for children facing adversity. We welcome multiple points of views and encourage voices from different life experiences and heritages to share insight as we work together to implement strategies to increase awareness of the importance of a comforting bedtime routine and sleep health for all children to thrive. 

Our History

Pajama Program was founded in 2001 by Genevieve Piturro. While reading to children waiting for foster care placement in New York City, Genevieve encountered many children who did not have pajamas. Determined to make change, she began collecting pajamas from her family and friends and delivered them to the children herself. Her initiative grew into a nationwide effort to provide comforting bedtimes and healthy sleep to all children, everywhere. Since then, Pajama Program has provided over 8 million cozy pajamas and inspiring storybooks to children nationwide who are experiencing challenges beyond their control. In recent years, Pajama Program has expanded programming to include sleep health education for children, parents, caregivers, and educators in efforts to ensure that children are fully supported at bedtime.