Pajama & Book Donation Policy


The children and families in Pajama Program’s community come from a range of diverse identities, cultures, and histories. When donating pajama sets, books, or both, please ensure your donation is inclusive and appropriate for children. We encourage donations of pajamas and books that reflect the widest possible representation of the children and families we support and accurately reflect and affirm our community. While some items are of social or personal value, they may not be appropriate for all populations and may distract from the central intent of our program – to provide children with the tools for a comforting bedtime routine. 

We kindly request that you refrain from donating: 

  • Pajamas made from see-through/transparent material, are designed as short-shorts (“booty” shorts) or crop tops, or that have writing on the backside. 
  • Books focusing on subjects such as violence, death, terminal/serious medical issues, religion, holidays, and/or divorce. 
  • Items that include provocative language or images (including but not limited to curse words, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex, and partying). 
  • Items focused on family roles such as parents/siblings (i.e., “Mom is #1,” “Daddy’s Little Helper,” “Big Brother,” “Little Sister”).


Pajama Program accepts brand-new and unused pajama sets for children in newborn, infant, toddler, and child sizes.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission there are three different types of acceptable sleepwear for children, listed below. Please consider when making your donation. 

  1. Flame-Resistant loose-fitting sleepwear made of polyester 
  1. Snug-fitting sleepwear made from natural fabrics like cotton 
  1. Chemically treated sleepwear that’s loose-fitting and cotton 

Pajama Program also accepts – and regularly has pressing need for – new and unused pajama sets for children ages 0-12.

pajama set is defined as including one (1) top and one (1) bottom, or as being a complete outfit (i.e. – onesie). We do not accept only tops or only bottoms, and we do not accept nightshirts or nightgowns. 

Tags should be left on all donations. Pajamas with pilling, stains, tears, fading, and/or signs of wear will not be accepted. 


Pajama Program accepts only brand-new and unused story books  for children ages 0-12.

We do NOT accept library, gently used, or “like new” books. 

Pajama Program does not provide blurbs, written endorsements, or reviews of books.  

If you are considering donating a large volume of a single title, self-published titles, or are an author who would like to partner with Pajama Program, please email


After you have finished collecting pajamas and/or books, please start the in-kind donation reporting process by reading the information and filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your generous support of Pajama Program. Donors like you are impacting the lives of millions of children across the country.

Updated as of 05/2023