Community Partners

Pajama Program enjoys a number of positive partnerships with like-minded people and groups in our communities — from retail stores to nonprofit organizations. These collaborations help our efforts go further, bringing loving bedtimes, Good Nights and Good Days to more children, and helping these other organizations with their messaging, too. Working together, we share the talent and ideas it takes to deliver better nights and days to our children, because we know that what we can do for children individually is nothing compared to what we can do for them together.

Community Partners

Pajama Program works with more than 3,700 Community Partners nationwide to help distribute to children the gifts of pajamas and books we collect. These organizations include Title I schools, group homes, foster care and social service organizations, shelters, Head Start programs and other organizations that work with youth at-risk. Working with our Community Partners lets us further our mission and make a greater impact, reaching more children with your generous donations.

Are you interested in qualifying as a Community Partner on our list? If so, please contact us.

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