EDTIME is a vulnerable time for every child, but for millions in America, it is especially sensitive. For these children who don’t know a loving home environment or who live unstable lives in unsafe situations, the treasured bedtime ritual most of us grew up with is unknown. Our goal is to change this part of their day with loving, magical gifts that offer a new reality — and, in the process, change their nights, their days and their lives.

We deliver good nights with an intention of providing good days.

We want every child to feel the love and comfort that lets them escape into peaceful sleep, and to awaken empowered with the energy and resilience that can change every one of their days for the better. We accomplish this with the rather magical gifts of pajamas and books, ordinary objects that transform bedtime into a ritual of love, warmth, imagination and fun.

ZZZ Good Night Bill of Rights

The right to a loving good night is inherent and universal, one shared by all children, regardless of their family circumstances.

We believe that childhood isn’t childhood without the comfort of clean pajamas and the thrill of an enchanting story at bedtime — in fact, a comforting, nurturing bedtime is an inherent right. Our Good Night Bill of Rights is a simple way to understand how best to support and protect the right of a loving good night for children everywhere — which leads to good days faced with courage and optimism.

Help Us Turn Once Upon a Time into Tonight