Good Night Advisory Council

Amy R. Wolfson, PhD

Professor, Loyola University Maryland

Amy R. Wolfson (BA from Harvard University and Ph.D. from Washington University) is currently a Professor of Psychology at Loyola University Maryland after 22 years as a member of the Psychology Department at the College of the Holy Cross, a liberal arts college in Worcester, MA. She has been engaged in child and adolescent sleep research since graduate school at Washington University. Over the last 25 years, she has collaborated with Mary A. Carskadon, Ph.D., Brown Medical School, pioneer of child and adolescent sleep and circadian timing research. She has collaborated on self-report, actigraphy, and laboratory studies examining adolescents’ sleep and academic performance and behavioral well-being and work examining interventions aimed at improving adolescents’ sleep at a systemic level such as delaying school start times and at an individual/group level, such as the Sleep-Smart Program. Her research also looks at factors that influence adolescents’ sleep behaviors such as social class, family environment, and substance use. She is currently focused on understanding the relationship between sleep and caffeine consumption in early adolescents. With her move to Loyola University Maryland she engages both undergraduates and doctoral students in her research. When she is not teaching and doing research, she loves spending time with her husband, Andrew Futterman, Professor of Psychology at Loyola as well. They love to walk, hike, and travel. Her son, Noah Futterman, graduate of Union College, works in political communications and lives in Cambridge, MA.