Good Night Advisory Council

Eleanor McGlinchey, PhD

Assistant Professor, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Dr. Eleanor McGlinchey is an Assistant Professor in the School of Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University with a research appointment in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center. She has been studying the emotional consequences of poor sleep for over 15 years. Dr. McGlinchey’s current approach to studying sleep is in the context of adolescent depression and anxiety. This work is important and timely, given hers and others’ recent work indicating that the risk of depression is increased by sleep difficulties and sleep complaints are the most common chronic symptom among depressed adolescents. Dr. McGlinchey hopes to begin to characterize specific aspects of sleep, including biological, psychological, interpersonal and socio-cultural markers that may eventually be used to help direct children and adolescents to the best treatment options for their specific symptom profile. This work would have the potential to produce important treatment implications for children and adolescents struggling with mental health difficulties and would aim to provide more rest to youth who are deprived of quality sleep.