Jamie Dyce

Executive Director

Jamie is an attorney and a former Board Chair of Pajama Program. She practiced trusts and estates law for 11 years in New York City, specializing in wealth planning and estate litigation. While at her former law firm, Duane Morris LLP, Jamie began volunteering at Pajama Program in 2009 and organized visits to the New York City Reading Center for her fellow colleagues to volunteer at reading parties. As the daughter of a Buffalo public schoolteacher who taught Pre-K for more than 30 years, and an avid reader and lover of children’s literature herself, Jamie believes in the power of sharing a story to bring love and support to children, no matter their circumstances. Jamie joined the Board of Directors at Pajama Program in 2011 and ultimately served as chair of the Board before stepping down in order to assume the role of Associate Executive Director in 2016, and Executive Director in 2017.

During her legal career, Jamie led her firm’s pro bono partnership with GEMS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that assists young American girls who have survived commercial sexual exploitation. Jamie calls that experience life-changing for her, both professionally and personally. Through her work, she learned that the population of children served by Pajama Program is identical to the population of children at risk for trafficking, among other dangers. By supporting those children with love and providing the attention of a consistent and reliable adult, a positive difference could be made in the children’s lives, empowering them to fulfill their own dreams and aspirations. Jamie says she sees her work at Pajama Program as preventative to those circumstances that could befall an innocent child through no fault of their own. She advocates for every child’s right to a loving bedtime and peaceful good night for a good day, and says it is a privilege to serve the children of Pajama Program.

Jamie was recognized by the New York Law Journal as one of its “Lawyers Who Lead by Example”, and by the City Bar Justice Center of New York City for her pro bono work with the Justice Center’s Elderlaw and Cancer Advocacy Project, both in 2012. She graduated cum laude from SUNY at Buffalo School of Law (J.D., 2005) and cum laude from Binghamton University (B.A., 1999), and earned her Certificat des Etudes Internationales from the Université de Paris-Sorbonne (1999). Jamie received her Advanced Professional Certificate in Taxation and Estate Planning from the LL.M. program at New York University School of Law in 2016.

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