Reflections from Our Executive Director, Jamie Dyce

Change. It’s inevitable. And when it comes to children and routines, just when you think you’ve nailed it, think again! These tiny humans are just that—human. Perfectly imperfect, just like us, their adults. As my daughter Adriana turns 3 this week, I can’t help but think that the universe is trying to teach me something. Especially because bedtime routine challenges have been more frequent than I’d care to admit. 

I believe we’re all doing the best we can (I’d like to include myself in that bunch), and likewise, we all want the best for the children we love. When it comes to bedtime—the critical time of day when we can seize an opportunity to make sure our children get the sleep they need in order to be healthy, strong, alert, and ready to meet the day ahead, I’ve learned a few things this past year: 

  1. Modeling a bedtime routine with a cuddly friend works wonders.
  2. Being consistent sends a message.
  3. Using the element of choice—whether it’s pajamas or a book or even when to turn off the light—gives a child a sense of control.
  4. Tucking a child in 365 nights a year is HARD. Support, in a variety of shapes and sizes, is necessary!

For some, that support is plentiful. But not all families—for challenges beyond their control, have resources to establish and maintain a comforting bedtime routine. 

At Pajama Program, we’re not only providing new pajamas and storybooks to ensure children have tools for bedtime, but we’re continuing to amplify our impact by offering educational resources to the influential adults in the lives of the children we aim to support. By working with caregivers, educators, family specialists, and those in the foster care field, we continue to learn from and share with our community so that we can troubleshoot bedtime together, making healthy sleep and good nights for good days more accessible to all.  

We are only able to do this work because of loyal supporters like you. I am grateful for our community at Pajama Program; together we are building better bedtimes, helping all children, everywhere, realize their potential.  

Tonight, when you go to sleep, please know that thanks to you, we’re one step closer to making the dream of good nights for good days for all children a reality. 

Warmest wishes, 

Jamie Dyce, Executive Director

Help us support good nights for good days for all children, everywhere.