Virtual Reading Parties & Virtual Community Bookshelf

How to Get Involved & Support Virtual Reading Parties

Pajama Program continues to spark the imagination of children everywhere and bring people together by hosting Virtual Reading Parties online. Behind the scenes, we maintain Virtual Community Bookshelves for the children in our community, so they can connect over a story and continue a bedtime routine during these uncertain times. Many thanks to the publishers for allowing us to read these stories!

Pajama Program Community Partners can email us for access to the Virtual Community Bookshelf and other resources!

Past Special Guest Readings

Jah Shams reading Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library | Tamara Whatley reading The Giving Tree | Christine Petrini and Melissa Brun from Big Idea Committee reading I’m a Frog | Cherie Johnson reading Lil Cherie Dresses Herself | Angelique Bates reading I Am Enough | Mariam Vahradyan reading Llama Llama Rojo Pijama | Mondays with The Mets! A reading with Julianna and Donovan | The Target team reading Shake Them Bones | Trinitee Stokes reading Hair Love | Carla Hall reading Where the Wild Things Are | Roger Clark reading Who’s on First? | Melissa Joan Hart reading Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo! | Amy Davidson reading Llama Llama Time to Share | Bethany Joy Lenz reading Bad Case of the Stripes | Peta Murgatroyd reading Candace Center Stage | Kel Mitchell reading The Chocolate Babies in It’s Bedtime Now | Jeremy Hassell reading Giraffes Can’t Dance | Thane Maynard reading Fiona, It’s Bedtime to Fiona the Hippo! | Lane Lindell Conrad reading How Rocket Learned to Read | Jeremy Sisto reading Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches | Genevieve Piturro reading Tigger Hates to Lose | Annet Mahendru reading Is Your Mama a Llama? | Stephen Sharer reading The Book with No Pictures | Cristian Allexis reading Mama Osa, Por Que Soy Diferente? | Meaghan Murphy reading Kitten’s First Full Moon

About Pajama Program Reading Parties & Virtual Community Bookshelf

Reading Parties at Pajama Program Reading Centers are hosted by caring volunteers for children ages 4-18 from schools, shelters, and other Community Partners that work with children facing residential, income, or familial instability. During the hour-long Reading Party, children gather in circle time to introduce themselves, are paired with a volunteer who shares a story with them, enjoy a healthy snack, and then select a book to take with them. Book in hand, they rejoin the circle where each is invited to come forward to receive pajamas as they are surrounded by warm applause. Reading Parties are a one-time event, although some children visit more than once if their school or organization returns the following year.

Reading Parties provide a time for children and volunteers to share a story. Through that connection, we seek to provide children with a sense of safety, stability, and nurturing. We provide pajamas for the children to wear at bedtime as a comforting reminder that someone cares about them, and a book reinforces the feeling of connection and sparks the imagination. When we nurture and inspire children, we give them tools to help them at bedtime, which prepares them for a good night for a good day.

The Virtual Community Bookshelf is available through a password protected web page to the children in our community across the United States. Virtual Reading Parties are broadcast on social media to promote bedtime stories and support for our mission.