A Story of Heartfelt Giving with Dan from Carter’s I.T.   

In the busy world of corporate endeavors, where the hum of everyday tasks and projects can drown out the softer notes of philanthropy, there emerges a shining star of dedication at Carter’s—meet Dan Bryan from the I.T. department. For more than two decades into its mission of promoting equitable access to healthy sleep so all children can thrive, Pajama Program finds an extraordinary ally in Dan, whose tireless efforts have significantly contributed to making bedtime a warm and comforting experience for countless children. Today, we get to sit down with Dan and talk to him about his yearly participation in driving pajama donations for the children we support. 

Navigating the corridors of technology, Dan’s role in the I.T. department might not be an obvious choice for spearheading charitable initiatives. However, as conversations unfold, it becomes evident that Dan’s passion for Pajama Program has turned into a tradition of goodwill at Carter’s. Hitting milestones each year, Dan, often teased for his competitive edge, orchestrates the collection of pajamas for local children. In the heart of Atlanta, Dan transforms into a pajama-shopping maestro, armed with contributions from colleagues who prefer him to do the shopping. Armed with funds, he embarks on a mission, sometimes visiting five different stores in one day, meticulously selecting sizes to cater to the diverse needs of children. And so, his car becomes a treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with bags of warmth destined for little ones. 

With a track record boasting over 750 pairs collected in a single year and a cumulative donation of around 5,500 pairs over five years, Dan’s efforts transcend competition. His strategy involves turning the act of giving into a friendly contest among departments, pushing each to surpass their set goals. The result? The I.T. department consistently claims the top spot, but Dan insists it’s all for the kids, emphasizing the joy and positive impact of bedtime routines. 

As a veteran of six years at Carter’s, Dan’s enthusiasm for Pajama Program has become infectious, spreading beyond his department’s walls. He fondly recounts a memorable experience from his involvement in the pajama drive, a story that has become a cherished chapter in his philanthropic journey. During one of his visits to a Carter’s outlet store, armed with funds donated by generous colleagues, Dan found himself on a mission that would turn into a memorable encounter for the staff in the store. As he approached the register with close to 200 pairs of pajamas, he discovered that the associate ringing him up was on her very first day. Dan’s generosity and the sheer volume of his purchase left an indelible mark on the new employee. Returning to the same store the following year, Dan encountered the same store manager, who remembered the incident vividly, further emphasizing the lasting impact of his commitment to the pajama drive. 

Reflecting on the impact, Dan underscores the significance of the mission. He cherishes the moments when children visit Carter’s during the holiday season, singing and receiving books, and very much missed the in-person connection that the pandemic had temporarily disrupted. For him, it’s about more than just pajamas; it’s about ensuring every child has a warm pair of PJs to call their own—a small yet powerful act of kindness. 

Dan’s commitment extends beyond the holiday season; he stockpiles pajamas throughout the year, readying for the next drive. He is motivated by a sense of gratitude for his own fortunate circumstances, driving him to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. To Dan, giving is not just a responsibility but an opportunity to create a positive impact, one pair of pajamas at a time. 

We would like to thank Dan for his dedication and infectious enthusiasm to support the pajama drive each year and also extend our heartfelt gratitude to Carter’s for their longstanding and ongoing support. Dan’s journey at Carter’s exemplifies the spirit of corporate social responsibility, showing that with compassion, dedication, and a touch of friendly competition, we can create a world where every child has the warmth and comfort of a loving bedtime. Together, Pajama Program and Carter’s will continue to make Good Nights for Good Days a reality for countless children in need. 

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