Celebrating National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Awareness Week®

Happy Sleep Awareness Week!  

Sleep Awareness Week was started by the National Sleep Foundation to highlight the critical connection between sleep and wellness. The start of Daylight Savings (when we spring forward) marks the beginning of Sleep Awareness Week every year. In 2022, Sleep Awareness Week runs from March 13-19. 

What’s going on at Pajama Program during Sleep Awareness Week 2022 and how can you get involved? Check out what we’ve got lined up! 

  • Tips from the Good Night Advisory Council: We’ll be sharing sleep advice from our Good Night Advisory Council all week on social media. Be sure to take note, reshare our posts, and help us champion healthy sleep! 
  • A Free Parent Workshop, with a Bonus: We’ll be hosting our monthly virtual Parent Workshop on Wednesday, March 16th at 6:30 EST. This workshop is open to all our Community Partners and the parents and caregivers they reach. Learn from our program team and receive the information, tools, and strategies to help children get the sleep they need for good health and school success. Don’t miss this special session where we’ll be sharing bonus materials in celebration of Sleep Awareness Week. Learn more and register here.  
  • Six Storytime Plus Sessions: We will be teaching children about healthy sleep, reading stories together, and distributing pajamas, books, and bedtime routine magnets through our newest program, Storytime Plus: Virtual Edition. Over the entire week, our hardworking programming staff will reach six classrooms of elementary school students, two in Atlanta and four in New York City. Contact us at sleep@pajamaprogram.org if you want your students to learn about the importance of healthy sleep and a comforting bedtime routine in through our virtual version of Storytime Plus. 
  • Sweet Dreamzzz® for Early Childhood℠ Reaching 240 Families: Teaching teams from 12 preschool classrooms in Michigan’s Washtenaw Intermediate School District will be rolling out our Sweet Dreamzzz® for Early Childhood℠ curriculum this week! By participating in our professional development training in February, these educators received all the training and tools to deliver two weeks of healthy sleep lessons to preschoolers with the help of our teaching teddy bears. And last week, armed with our training and Flipchart teaching tools, educators conducted two virtual presentations for parents and caregivers to help them learn about the importance of sleep, how to use our R.E.A.D.Y. Bedtime Routine, and how to overcome common bedtime challenges. Families will be receiving Bedtime Routine Kits and new pajamas throughout the month of March. Keep an eye on our social channels to see our sleep health programs make a difference in Washtenaw County. 

We’re so excited to get better sleep with you and your children this week. Remember, this week and always, that Good Nights Are Good Days! 

Help us support good nights for good days for all children, everywhere.