Happy Pride Month!

Check out these books, resources, and good reads for all ages that celebrate and educate, thoughtfully selected by our team.

10 LGBTQ+ Friendly Books for Children

1) This Day in June | Written by Gayle E Pitman, Illustrated by Kristyna Litten 

A simple book to explain Pride Month and Pride parades to toddlers and preschoolers, with plenty of vibrant illustrations that encourage dialogue. 

Recommended for Ages 4-8 

2) Stonewall: A Building. An Uprising. A Revolution | Written by Rob Sanders, Illustrated by Jamey Christoph 

This educational book describes the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969, which sparked the gay liberation movement in the United States and details the history of LGBTQ rights since the riots. It’s an honest, kid-friendly portrayal of history. 

Recommended for Ages 5-8 

3) One of A Kind, Like Me / Único como yo | Written by Laurin Mayeno, Illustrated by Robert Liu-Trujillo

Written in both English and Spanish, One of A Kind, Like Me/ Único como yo is a sweet story about unconditional love and the beauty of individuality. It’s a unique book that lifts up children who don’t fit gender stereotypes and reflects the power of a loving and supportive community. 

Recommended for Ages 4-8 

4) Mommy, Mama, and Me | Written by Lesléa Newman; Illustrated by Carol Thompson 

Rhythmic text and illustrations show a toddler spending the day with its mommies. From hide-and-seek to dress-up, then bath time and a kiss goodnight, there’s no limit to what a loving family can do together. 

Recommended for Ages 3-7 

5) When Aidan Became a Brother | Written by Kyle Lukoff, Illustrated by Kaylani Juanita

Aidan, a transgender boy, experiences complicated emotions as he and his parents prepare for the arrival of a new baby. This sweet and groundbreaking picture book celebrates the changes in Aidan’s life, from his initial coming-out to becoming a big brother. 

Recommended for Ages 4-7 

6) Cuando Amamos Cantamos / When We Love Someone We Sing to Them | Written by Ernesto Javier Martínez, Illustrated by Maya Gonzalez, Translated by Jorge Gabriel Martínez Feliciano 

A reclamation of the Mexican serenata tradition, follow the story of a young boy who asks his father if there is a song for a boy who loves a boy. 

Recommended for Ages 7-10 

7) From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea | Written by Kai Cheng Thom, Illustrated by Wai-Yant Li and Kai Yun Ching  

A magical gender variant child brings transformation and change to the world around them thanks to their mother’s enduring love. 

Recommended for Ages 3-8 

8) They, She, He Easy as ABC | Written by Maya Christina Gonzalez and Matthew SG

There’s no room for stereotypes on THIS dance floor with spirited imagery that keeps names, clothes, hair and behavior fresh and diverse. The combination creates a playful and effortless practice to expand ideas about gender while learning the alphabet and makes being inclusive as easy as A-B-C. 

Recommended for Ages 3-7 

9) Families | Written by Kerry McCluskey and Jesse Unaapik Mike, Illustrated by Lenny Lishchenko 

Talittuq learns that families come in many different shapes and sizes, and what holds them all together is love! 

Recommended for Ages 6-8 

10) Julián is a Mermaid | Written and Illustrated by Jessica Love

In an exuberant picture book, a glimpse of costumed mermaids leaves one boy flooded with wonder and ready to dazzle the world. This story is a jubilant picture of self-love and a radiant celebration of individuality. 

Recommended for Ages 4-8 

LGBTQ+ Resources for Grown Ups

How Straight Parents Can Raise Kids to be Allies during Pride Month and Beyond

The Washington Post | By Bonnie J. Rough

A parenting and sexuality author, journalist, and speaker, offers tips on how straight parents can talk about allyship with their children during Pride Month.  

A Letter to Parents Whose Children Stare at Me in Public

Buzzfeed | By Jacob Tobia

A gender nonconforming individual offers their perspective on how parents can better discuss gender nonconformity with their children.  

Talking to Your Child About Identity – A Resource for Parents

Planned Parenthood

These resources offer tips on how to talk to children and adolescents about LGBTQ+ identities.

Black Trans Liberation: An Evening at the Stonewall Protests in New York City

Peninsula Press, a project by Stanford Journalism | By Iman Floyd-Carroll

This article offers a comprehensive analysis of the crisis faced by the Black trans women and the activism of the Black Trans Liberation movement. Includes footage from protests in February 2021 at the historic Stonewall Inn.  

The Trevor Project’s 2021 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health

This research captures the experiences of nearly 35,000 LGBTQ youth across the United States, providing brand new data on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health care disparities, discrimination, food insecurity, conversion therapy, and suicide — in addition to the benefits of LGBTQ-affirming spaces and respecting the pronouns of transgender and nonbinary youth. 

The Safe Zone Project

This site offers free online resources for powerful, effective LGBTQ awareness and ally training workshops

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